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Rover Cozy wool dog coats are individually made from 100% New Zealand. Unlike mass produced dog coats, each Rover Cozy dog coat can be custom made to measure at no extra cost, as sizings can differ greatly within every breed. Certain breeds, such as Whippets, Dachshunds or French Bulldogs, require a specific design of coat, one size does not fit all.


There are a number of advantages to choosing a natural fibre, as opposed to synthetic, such as;

Naturally Odour resistant

No static, unlike fleece

Wool dog coats can turn a shower of rain with the added benefit of breathability.

Natural fires are soft and comfortable, allowing them to mould to your dogs unique shape. This is particularly beneficial for elderly dogs, or breeds with shorter, finer coats. 

In addition to this, wool is one of the Earth's most sustainable resources. It is 100% biodegradable and has a lower carbon impact on the planet compared to man made fibre products.

Rover Cozy aims to support the New Zealand wool industry as much as possible, but we do also source from Australia from time to time. All coats are hand made to order, right here in New Zealand. Support local!



Size Chart


For custom made coats, we require the following measurements in cm;

A - From the collar to the base of the tail.
B - The girth, full circumference taken from just behind the front legs.
C - Full circumference of the neck, where the collar usually sits.
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