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Rover Cozy wool dog coats are individually made from 100% NZ Lambswool although there are also a few coats available in a wool blend. Unlike mass produced dog coats each Rover Cozy dog coat is custom made to measure at no extra cost as sizings can differ greatly within every breed. There are breeds such as the Whippet, Dachshund, French Bulldog which require a specific design of coat, one size does not fit all. Advantages of pure wool over synthetic for dog coats are varied and include the following:

No static as with fleece lined coats

Wool unlike other man made products will resist odour.

Wool dog coats will turn a shower of rain with the added benefit of breathability.

Natural fires are soft and comfortable meaning entirely suitable to be worn especially at night by elderly dogs. Unlike stiff waterproof outdoor options they make no noise which initially can create nervousness in some dogs.


Wool is one of the Earth's most sustainable resources. It is 100% biodegradable and has a lower carbon impact on the planet compared to man made fibre products.It is unfortunate that my most favoured option for making the Rover Cozy dog coats eg Merino Possum wool is no longer available, however, 100% NZ Lambswool is still a very viable option.  

At the outset Rover Cozy started by supplying Animates with navy Merino Possum dog coats, however as the number of Animates stores increased greatly it was not possible to supply the coats in the volume required. Also just prior to the  GFC Rover Cozy again supplied beautiful double sided Merino Possum dog coats to the Orvis Company in Vermont in the United States and more recently dog coats especially in the large to xxx large sizes which are not so readily available to Petworkz Hamilton. 

Showerproof Outer: $15 - $20 (extra)
There is also the option of purchasing coats for dogs which requite a specific shape of dog coat, one size does not fit all eg Whippets and Dachshunds, French Bulldogs.


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